Professional training and certification in the art of transforming organizational and societal systems.

Training – become a key player!

Agile, inspired, and effective teams (and governance) have the greatest chance to survive and thrive through the pandemic of 2020 but what happens after 2020? 

Do you want to be part of transforming society by transforming how businesses and teams succeed in a post-pandemic world? Then, it’s urgent you equip yourself now!  Become a master in the art of nurturing and growing inspired, effective, and connected teams.

Get the details on our extensive training modules and certification programs. Click here to download our Course Curriculum PDF.

When the economy was booming, the old ways of top-down governance were no fun for most workers.  The rates (and costs) of turnover and job dissatisfaction have been increasing for years.  Leaders are experimenting with new ways to motivate teams while keeping things efficient and effective.  Self-managed, autonomous teams are being explored.  Decentralization is the goal of many organizations around the globe.  However, experts in facilitating and consulting in these methods are limited.  

Sociocracy is a self-organizing system for decentralized governance, decision making, and success. Becoming certified in sociocractic facilitation and/or consulting is almost a guarantee you will be able to create a job for yourself in the new economy that is rising up. Many organizations are seeking these skills, they just don’t know what it’s called. They know they need and maybe they are just waiting for you! 

Sociocracy has been achieving success since the mid 1970s. It was introduced to the English speaking world by our co-founder John Buck.  Discovered to be successfully working in the Netherlands, inspired to bring new tools to achieve the promise of democracy our founding fathers outlined in our constitution… John brought the sociocractic method of governance to the USA  

You can be part of the sociocratic revolution that is taking place in organizations around the world.  You can help sociocracy become a mainstream choice for American companies of all types.  With every organization you touch, you will inspire and ignite joy within every team member.

Act Now! Prepare Yourself for a Post Pandemic World

Sociocracy offers a huge promise. To feel the power of this promise, you have to experience it for yourself. You can do so by:

  1. Joining one of our live webinars where we offer an interactive consent-based decision-making process.
  2. Gathering people who want to collectively make a decision together, but feel stuck and unable to move forward. Schedule a Just in Time consulting session with one of our certified experts.  
  3. Register and secure one of the limited spots in our live Module 1 training programs, where you will get 16 hours of education and experience in the sociocratic method.
  4. Get the details on our extensive training modules and certification programs. Click here to download our Course Curriculum PDF.