Board Strategy & Development

According to resources like Harvard Business Review and Stanford Social Innovation Review, and probably your own personal experience, most boards (public and charity) are not or maybe cannot deliver on their core mission of providing strong oversight and strategic support for management’s efforts to create long-term value.

What are some of the most common issues?

Finding committed directors with the right skills and experience that are willing to put in the work. Being on a board requires far more than just showing up to meetings.

No reflection on board performance or director performance within the board.

Misplaced loyalty to personal goals or leaders in the organization in lieu of the mission and purpose of the organization.

Not spending enough time and effort assessing the organization’s long-term strategy. Far too often short sighted plans are focused on instead of long term, industry disruptive, creative planning.

GovernanceAlive’s Board Development & Strategy services will assist your board of directors with creating systems and the environment to ensure their success. We develop boards that can tackle difficult issues, particularly where there is disagreement and emotional reaction.