Current Events & Developing Proposals Workshop

Online Gathering; January 26th, 2023

Our media and our hearts are bombarded by the complex events that shape our current experience. Join John & Whitney to explore a current event topic and develop proposals for next best steps. Let’s uncover solutions to the world’s problems one step at a time through proposals that value all stakeholders.

Join John Buck, GA co-founder and Whitney Rubison GA Executive Director for a short two hour workshop diving into a topic that is a focus of cultural attention. 

The article considered during our gathering this month; The Goliath in the Room: How the False Assumption of Equal Worker–Employer Power Undercuts Workplace Protections published in The Journal of Law and Political Economy by Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute.

What you will get from attending this workshop:

  • The opportunity to consider together the matters that matter with fellow members of the GA Community
  • Practice in the craft of proposal forming and both/and thinking


Offered via Zoom, this workshop is scheduled for: January 26th, 2023: 11am-1pm; US Eastern Time Zone

Registration in advance is suggested. For this experiment, we will limit participants to 15.

We are excited to provide this opportunity. If it is a successful experiment we may offer it more regularly.

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