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Double ACEs
The power of brain science to create psychological safety for better conversations!
Do you get stuck in repetitive or circular conversations that seem to go nowhere? Are you interested in a tool that helps you get through to the other person?

If yes, then this workshop is for you!

Are any of these patterns familiar to you?
  • The other person insists on being heard, but is not quite open to listening.
  • You feel bored or fed up, keep talking past each other, and your efforts go unacknowledged.
  • Differences in point of view result in never-ending debates.
You do not have to depend on others doing things differently in order for you to be heard.
Instead, you can hack the wiring of your brain and prevent communication challenges by creating psychological safety.

The power to steer your conversations is within you!

Your learning journey with us will include an accessible down-to-earth review of the science behind Double ACEs, presentation and practice of the technique in a proven format, illustrations and video as visual supports, and opportunities to interact both verbally and in writing.
This mini-workshop helps you:

  • Recognize natural tendencies that derail communication, and choose a different action.
  • Deliver difficult feedback in a way that can be heard and appreciated.
  • Grow your emotional intelligence while building stronger interpersonal connection.
Fair warning! Double ACEs may look like an easy quick-fix, but it actually leads to the rewiring of your brain pathways. Thus, it requires attention and practice to really reap its potential!
If you want to organize this workshop specially for your organization or group, please write to us at for the special offer.

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Double ACEs

Monday, Dec 6, 2021
(11:30 am to 2:00 pm EDT)
Of Live Training

This 2-hour online interactive course is conducted via Zoom. 

We prepared a fun and engaging curriculum with opportunities to practice the skills. Consider engaging in this workshop as you would in a live event. Try to find a quiet space for the class where you will not be interrupted. Prepare to keep your video turned on and interact with other participants in pairs or small groups. We hope you’ll have a blast with us!

Be sure to log onto Zoom a few minutes before the event starts to troubleshoot any technical difficulties!

Pete Oliver- Kruger
Pete Oliver-Krueger is an entrepreneur, a consultant and trainer with, Chief Librarian of the Agile Mindset Mapping Index (AMMI) at, and co-author of the book, “Shift: From Product to People”. He specializes in the psychology behind building high-output organizations, from the Board Room to the Kanban board. In his spare time he designs theatrical sets, special effects, and puppets for a traveling theatre company, InterAct Story Theatre, which teaches kids around the world how to learn through the performing arts.
Monika Megyesi
Monika Megyesi is a seasoned trainer and founding partner at Governance Alive, with a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management. She is a Licensed Mediator, Facilitator and Sociocracy Consultant. Whatever the dispute ... parents (family), co-workers (workplace), students (school), neighbors (community), lawbreakers (restorative) ... Monika probably mediated it. Few things surprise her when it comes to human interactions. She likes to take nature walks, hunt for wild raspberries, hear music as body motion, and travel around the world.

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Double ACEs

Monday, Dec 6, 2021
(11:30 pm to 2:00 pm EDT)
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© 2020 Governance Alive. All rights reserved.