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You recognize humanity and earth are facing immense challenges.

You know ineffective meetings waste resources, steal joy and slow progress.

You know INCLUDING ALL voices is a critical component to fostering innovative solutions and a connected team. 

Good news, we at GovernanceAlive can train (and certify) you in a healthier, effective method of managing meetings and decentralizing governance. The method, called sociocracy, creates a structured way to communicate. Decisions are made with consent instead of dominance - which is at the core of ineffective meetings and teams.  

Individuals dedicated to transforming our world want to participate in an inclusive and collaborative way.  Sociocracy provides this framework for meetings, management and governance.

Every social movement needs someone to step up and become the change they want to see, we invite you to take that step with us.

Learn what it takes to help teams self organize, to facilitate inclusive meetings that speed up progress and foster deeper connections.

Become the person in your community who models ensuring every voice is heard and all voices matter... demonstrate the power of the collective mind.

It's common for communities of transformation to understand these concepts while lacking the tools to make it real.

If you are here, chances are you feel the call to help create a better way to collaborate and get things done.  We can help!  

Inclusive Collaboration Experts 
John and Monika have been helping teams and people succeed together for over a decade.  Sometimes they will teach classes together, sometimes they will be teaching with an apprentice.  Both are our lead trainers and certified sociocracy experts.
John Buck

Distributed leadership, decentralized decision making, dynamic governance... there are many names for operating meetings and organizations with inclusiveness and effectiveness.  It's traditional name "sociocracy", developed in the Netherlands and brought to the English-speaking world by John Buck via his first co-authored book "We the People, Consenting to a Deeper Democracy".

Fun Fact: Almost every English speaking expression of sociocracy can find it's roots with John.

However, John is more than just an expert sociocracy consultant and trainer!  John also brings to your training, his love for humanity and planet, combined with expertise in company wide agility.  He also co-authored the book:  Company Wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space and Sociocracy (BOSSA Nova).

John is passionate about empowering youth and working on his third book, Governance From Below, Can Children Lead the Way?

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Monika Megyesi

“Awaken to Life: You matter! You belong!” is the driving inspiration on Monika’s journey that started with studying human anatomy and training as a nurse. Human bodies possess innate abilities to heal themselves and Monika felt compelled to implement self-healing functions in the human systems surrounding her.

In 2003, while completing her business degree at the University of Maryland, she co-founded the Entrepreneurial Partnership of Greater Washington. Recognizing that the inability to “decide together” tends to cripple human systems, Monika was drawn more deeply into conflict resolution work.

In 2005 she started managing the mediation program at the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County. While earning her Masters in Negotiations and Conflict Management at the University of Baltimore, she first encountered Sociocracy -- a social technology that blended elements of what she held most dear in governance: equivalence in decision making and the ability to steer systems by the voices from within.

Since 2008 Monika has been consulting and training on sociocracy to help organization be more agile, inclusive and resilient -- in short, more alive!

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Get to Know John and Monika 
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20 Years of History
Explained in 5 Minutes

John and Monika spent years searching for methods to empower people.  Sociocracy filled the gapped.  Get to know these amazing humans who will become your friends and trusted mentors.  

Our team had a great experience working with John Buck years ago. It fundamentally shifted how we structure initiatives, design meetings and make group decisions

Robin Athey

Sociocracy is... 

a sophisticated decision-making tool that offers you a better solution to the domination model of hierarchical governance systems that have caused so many problems and inequity in our world today. It allows you to efficiently decentralize leadership, self-organize and facilitate your team decisions where all voices are heard, and all concerns considered.

It circumvents the issues of the default peer-to-peer consensus decision-making mode, which can be time-consuming, cumbersome, often blocked, and susceptible to domination by the loudest or most charismatic.

If you want a peaceful and sustainable world that works for everyone, sociocracy can take us there. It requires you to learn a new skill - which will keep your brain agile and young. This workshop gives you the foundations of sociocracy and effective meetings.

The 4 Principals of Sociocracy
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You will learn a proven method for inclusive, effective collaboration and governance.   

  1. Decisions by consent
  2. Organized in circles
  3. Circles double linked for effectiveness and transparency
  4. Roles elected by consent


"We adopted sociocracy 15 years ago and all of a sudden had energized people empowered and making decisions.

We have fewer meetings, our decisions are better, and the follow-through is stronger because everyone's on board."

Paul Kervick

Benefits of Operating with Sociocracy

Improved Retention

When team members feel their voices are heard, the work is self-managed, and the culture is inclusive... improved retention is a natural result.


Better Decisions

The wisdom of the crowd produces decisions the crowd fully supports.  The sociocracy process uncovers objections that would otherwise remain hidden. 

Energized Teams

When teams arrive at decisions together, it's energizing! No one leaves a meeting feeling unheard. Meetings become fun and productive.

Love Leads

Sociocracy creates an environment of listening and leading with love. Yes humans have work to get done AND love and listening makes everything better.  


Increased Effectiveness

When everyone consents to a decision, there is no time lost revisiting the same issues or worse becoming fractured or disfunctional.

Fosters Transparency

Sociocracy's double linking ensures representation throughout the organization's decision making.  Actively inviting objections encourages transparent sharing. 

Real Life Examples
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Sociocracy is Industry Independent

Anywhere teams want to be more agile, inclusive and resilient, is a place where sociocracy can thrive.  It takes willingness to invest the time to improve decision making and governance.  

"GovernanceAlive works with organizations that desire to give voice to all of their employees so as to create a valuable feedback loop to top management.  This ultimately facilitates communications, engenders greater trust and connectedness throughout the organization, which in turn increases productivity and profits.” 

Larry Checo, Branding Guru

Facilitators Add Massive Value 
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Effective Meeting Facilitation is a Skill You can Use For Life

Nature offers great examples of how wonderfully things can work.

When coordinating a complex system, having a designated facilitator creates effectiveness, and when operating sociocratically it creates inclusiveness.  Meetings becoming fun, energizing and joyful progress becomes a constant companion.

How would your life and group gatherings change with fabulous facilitation skills?

with Small Group Cohorts
Sociocracy is something that must be experienced live.  Our classes are very interactive, where you will be practicing what you are learning.  We keep our cohorts small to ensure everyone gets lots of interaction and practice time. You also get to develop deeper relationships with your cohort who may end up being collaborators on future projects.
Of Live Training

If you want a peaceful and sustainable world that works for everyone, sociocracy can take us there. It requires you to learn a new skill - which will keep your brain agile and energized.  16 hours of training, is split up into 4 sessions of 4 hours each.  Click here for class dates and times.


Meetings are a part of every business, family and social endeavour.  You will leave this training with new skills you can apply immediately when communicating in groups of people.  If you are seeking new job opportunities, you can include your desire to contribute to effective and inclusive facilitation.  Inclusive and effective meeting facilitation is a desired outcome companies are seeking.  Your new skills can help achieve that goal.  


This 16 hours of training alternates explanations, interactive exercises, experiential learning, as well as time for questions and personal reflections.

You will complete the course with clear methods and practice for improving the effectiveness (and joy) of meetings, which often leads to them also being shorter and more relaxed. This method is useful for meetings held by organizations, companies, projects, families and other initiatives. 

  1. Introduction to the overall program
  2. Why do we need governance?
  3. History of sociocracy
  4. Methodological principles: the four basic principles of sociocracy
    1. First principle: Consent
    2. Second principle: Circle Structure
    3. Third principle: Double Linking
    4. Fourth principle: Open Elections
  5. The sociocratic meeting
  6. Focus on a common aim
  7. Sociocratic facilitation
  8. Distinguish between policy and operations
  9. Dynamic steering
  10. Basic attitudes in sociocracy
  11. Dealing with your own consent

After completing Module 1, you and other participants in your cohort are invited to form a Community of Practice for facilitators that may include documenting and discussing your facilitation experiences. Module 1 is a prerequisite for taking Module 2. If you do go on to take Module 2, you are encouraged to continue attending a Community of Practice for facilitators.

Effective meeting facilitation is a skill that pays dividends for life!  

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I believe that Sociocracy is one of the solutions to our intractable broken hierarchy, to the polarization of our discourse, and to the enlivening of community.  After attending Module One of the training system of Governance Alive's Sociocracy Principles and Practices, my optimism has been revitalized.  The principles of Sociocracy are simple on the surface and amazingly profound as you engage them. Equivalency and Consent are powerful words, but the connotation and depth of meaning ascribed to them in the Governance Alive program increases their profundity.

John Buck's amazing breadth of experience in systems engineering, agile software design, and creative group dynamics adds so much to the already strong and intuitive content of the course. I immediately resonated with the premise that what is missing from typical corporate structures is a multi-layered feedback system in which knowledge and innovation can be returned to decision makers.  The class content was sprinkled with many 'aha' moments for me about business, emotional savvy, and the subtle means to build a team and tap their intelligence.  The members of my particular co-hort were an amazing group of change agents from many countries and many disciplines and the interactive nature of the exercises brought additional insights to me. 

If you are interested in how to change the way communities, businesses, teams, and civic environment work, I can think of few more impactful approaches than Governance Alive's. While this training program is somewhat new to the scene,  I think the expertise of the team, the powerful content, and the emphasis on interactive practice will continue to make this program impactful for changing our broken organization cultures.

Atom Terpening

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So many decisions to make...

Humans love to feel included. Any size team creating progress, constantly have new decisions to make.  How to cooperative include everyone in the team in decision making process and still be able to get things done.

Teams feel empowered and make better decisions when arriving at solutions together.

What are our priorities?

How are new members onboarded?

How do we handle disagreements?

How will we fund ourselves?

What is our change management process? 
How will we take care of ongoing manintenance?

What happens if we don't implement a governance model that aligns with our desire for inclusive distributed leadership?

After having led and sat through many meetings in which anxiety and rancor are the rule, Sociocracy is a breath of fresh air. The Sociocratic process encourages us to listen, self-reflect and find clarity about the group's aim all at the same time. In the end, we get things done, but, astonishingly, all have participated, the loudest voice did not win and we used the heck out of our collective wisdom. 

Linda Hunter

An Invitation to Join Us
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Sociocracy is Transforming Society

Join us on our quest to transform society.  All transformation starts with ourselves, then like all patterns in life, expands outwards in a circle pattern until the ripples we create impact the far corners of our world.  If you just implemented these techniques within your family, your life would be transformed.  Then when you bring them to your closet working relationships, you will soon realize how amazing it feels and works and will be on fire to share it with the world.  

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Here are some of the common questions, if you have others please send us an email. 

What is the investment?
The time investment is 16 hours of your time in live class, a few hours of your time to prepare for class and in between class.  The money investment is $650, we do offer an early bird registration and discount codes for aligned organizations and initiatives.  We do accept Bitcoin and other crypto (upon approval).  If money is an issue, please talk with us!
When is the next training?
We don't have one scheduled.  We only offer a limited number of public classes per year. Email us to be on our wait list
What does it mean Module 1 of 7?

We offer sociocracy facilitator, consultant and trainer certification.  Module 1 is the foundational course, you can stop there with a good grasp on the fundamentals and get to work.  You can take additional training and receive certification.  Click here to download our course curriculum. 

How big is the class size?

12 is the number we prefer.  If you had a group joining the cohort and it put us over a bit, we can make exceptions.  Learning and practicing with others in your community creates extra impact.

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© 2020 Governance Alive. All rights reserved.

© 2020 Governance Alive. All rights reserved.