Our Services

Over the years, the GovernanceAlive team has developed skills necessary to co-create  frameworks that can help guide companies on governance structures that respond to their specific needs. With over 30 years of experience in designing, implementing, and scaling effective business-led and social-action collaborations, we are well positioned to identify best practices and develop multi-stakeholder governance structures.

Governance is an important aspect of collaboration as it enables members and partners to work together. These frameworks are based on consent-based decision-making allowing the wisdom of all stakeholders from bottom to top and top to bottom. When there are clear opportunities for communication, companies and communities can make decisions that benefit the welfare of all. Leading to a healthier more prosperous society. 

 We provide services in: 

Organizational Change Design, Installation & Management

Group Mediation & Meeting Facilitation

Company-Wide Agility Services

Board Strategy & Development

GovernanceAlive offers change management services for corporations and nonprofits, including supporting leaders implement agile team management strategies.

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