Our Objective

To bring teams, organizations and communities to life, with stakeholders who take ownership in the vision, participate in mutual support of each other, and grow together as they work together. Create safe and nurturing space for collaborators to work together cohesively and make decisions that reflect collective wisdom and adaptability.

We work with you and your organization to:

  1. Identify collaboration and decision-making goals to determine the type of support that best meets your needs.
  2. Establish a shared interface (logbook) to collaborate and track decisions.
  3. Instruct and train your team in dynamic governance principles and tools.
  4. Use these sociocratic principles,  processes and other tools to implement goals to the your satisfaction.
  5. Ensuring that your new organizational is stable and thriving by meeting regularly to review goals, measurements and progress (i.e. monthly review meetings).
  6. Evaluate consulting relationship at least yearly, at termination or upon request by either party.


The sociocratic consulting process shows signs of success when:

  • Your organization’s stakeholders feel safe enough to speak their truth.
  • Your organization’s stakeholders feel heard and understood.
  • New learning occurs or insights are sparked.
  • Forward movement is found around difficult topics or when stuck.
  • Policies and operations increasingly reflect sociocratic principles.


Sociocratic Organizational & Community Transformation include but are not limited to a culture shift that allows:

    • All organization or project stakeholders to begin living vibrantly and develop a sense of conscious alignment with their true self and the world.
    • Trust to be gently built and cultivated, inviting robust relationships. Strengthening your groups culture, and generating goodwill.
  • Learning and development are markers of lived experience, along with curiosity and joy.

GovernanceAlive offers training for management consultants, as well as supports leaders implement agile team management strategies.

Please use contact us for more information about training, mentoring and coaching options.