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Module 1

Running Effective Meetings & the Art of Sociocracy

March 29th & 31st, April 3rd & 5th, 2023
Next Module 1 & Facilitator Certification Cohort are forming!

This training is ideal for people working to change their organizations from the inside out including business advisors and coaches looking to expand their toolset.

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Multi-Stakeholder Governance 

After years of providing dynamic governance installation services and training customized for the client, touching organizations and communities in over 20 countries, in 2020 we established our training institute to more easily offer facilitator and consultant training and certification. 

Module 1: Effective Meetings & the Art of Sociocracy

This 16 hours of training alternates interactive exercises, experiential learning, as well as time for questions and personal reflection. You will actively practice the tools of our equivalent facilitation style while learning concepts that will help you build stronger teams. 

Module 2: Working in a Sociocratic Team

During this 24 hours of live training, the class will divide into groups of three to five participants who will work together on an actual, real world project that may, at the participants’ discretion, continue for a while after the class. The training goes into the four basic principles in much more depth. 

Change Takes Practice

After completing Module 1 or 2 you are welcome to join our study program. The study program allows you to continue to practice your skills and take a deeper dive with peer-mentor discussions. Enjoy the opportunity to consider other impact driven projects from all over the world with new colleagues from a variety of fields.

Both certification tracks include our mentor led deep dive study groups. So when you complete your certification, you will be equipped with the skills and experience to help facilitate this global transformation into self organizing structures.

Our founders have a combined 30+ years working in the field of sociocracy (aka dynamic governance), which provides the framework for decentralized governance and distributed leadership.   In addition, our team weaves in additional practices like somatics, yoga, meditation and other methods to improve emotional intelligence to ensure we are led by more than just logic.  Join us in offering a structure for change where all voices can be heard.

Interested in joining us?

Contact us below to set up an appointment with one of our program advisors. We are inspired by change and making the world a better place to live in. We will work with you to craft your desired outcome.

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