Introduction to Sociocracy

This is the first in a series of three courses. Participants will:

  • Learn about the four governing principles
  • Under the guidance of a skilled and experienced facilitator, participate in making decisions using two of three decision-making processes: Consent to a Proposal, and Selection of People to Fulfill Roles.
  • Practice facilitating a group decision using these decision-making tools.
  • Meet the first part of the basic training requirements for dynamic governance facilitator certification. (The other two parts of the certification process are facilitator training and demonstration of skill.)

Prerequisite: None

Length: Six 2-hour teleclass sessions or a 2¼ day in-person workshop

Foundations of Sociocracy

Our first level of comprehensive training provides the basic understanding necessary for sociocratic organizing and meeting facilitation. The curriculum consists of six modules:

  • Introduction to sociocratic principles
  • Consent decision making
  • Circle structure
  • Double linking
  • Roles and Workflow
  • Facilitation and Leadership

All modules include a mix of interactive experiential practice sessions and exercises, presentation of essential information, and time for participant questions and feedback.

This training will be offered online as a series of six two-hour classes. Total contact time is a minimum of 12 hours.

In-House Foundations of Sociocracy Option
We will conduct the Foundations of Sociocracy training “in-house” by special arrangement. The required workshop contact time and between-class assignments can be scheduled to meet your organization’s needs and objectives. In-house training is an excellent method for building organizational capacity and effective leadership within your organization.

To learn more about our in-house training option or to set up a program at your organization, please contact us.