Helping Others Get Started – Online Class

How to Introduce dynamic governance to a Group or Department

Part train-the-trainer course and part mentoring series, this course is for people who are ready to bring dynamic governance group decision-making tools to an organization to which they belong. It covers how to talk about dynamic governance and to gain the “okay” to experiment with it, how to set the agenda for the initial structured meeting so people will see the value of the process, and what key decisions to cover in your first few meetings.

The course also offers mentoring and coaching support. As participants complete each of the steps in introducing dynamic governance to an organization, they are invited to bring their successes and their challenges back to the group for inspiration, support and guidance. To allow time for the “real life” experience, a key element of this course, the later sessions will be offered 2 to 4 weeks apart.

Prerequisite: Advanced Dynamic Governance Facilitation

Length: Six 1½ -hour teleclass sessions, or a 2¼-day in-person workshop

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