Facilitator Training

If you have experienced dynamic governance (aka “sociocracy”) and want to grow it in your organization, this course is for you.
Valuable for:
●      Organization or company leaders.
●      People who have been elected to facilitate a circle and want to deepen their skills.
●      Users of dynamic governance (DG) who want to improve their skills in meeting participation and deepen their understanding of DG concepts.
Participants will:
●      Explore advanced DG structures and processes.
●      Plan meetings and facilitate DG decision-making processes, with coaching.
●      Practice handling challenging facilitation situations.
●      Get support in facilitating DG in their own organization.
●      Receive the instruction and some of the practice time needed for certification as DG facilitator.
●      Get to know others who are using and learning DG.
Basic knowledge about DG such as Introduction to Sociocracy or equivalent training or experience. Contact us if you’re not sure whether you have enough basic knowledge.
Course Format:
Six interactive teleclass sessions of two hours each.
●      There will be up to two hours of between-class homework assignments. In addition, each student is strongly encouraged to practice facilitation with a group outside of class time. You may already have a group with whom you can practice; otherwise we will assist you to set one up.
●      We will record all sessions so that you can listen if you miss a class. Students who attend at least four classes and offer evidence that they have made up the other two classes will receive a certificate of participation.
●      The class will be limited to 12 participants.
In-House Dynamic Governance Facilitation Option:
We will conduct Dynamic Governance Facilitation “in-house” by special arrangement. The required workshop contact time and between-class assignments can be scheduled to meet your organization’s needs and objectives. In-house training is an excellent method for building facilitation capacity and effective leadership within your organization. To learn more about our in-house training option or to set up a program at your organization, please contact us.