Would you like to build your organization’s capacity to steer dynamically? Ask us to schedule a custom seminar for key people and staff at your facility. Or, choose a few people to attend one of our open-enrollment teleclasses or in-person seminars. Interactive, refreshing, practical – our trainings provide you with the skills to see a difference with dynamic self-governance.

Introduction to DG: for people who want to become familiar with the principles of DG and its tools for facilitating meetings.

Dynamic Governance Facilitation: offers concrete, practical and tested strategies for dealing with difficult situations and supports participants in trying out DG strategies in the “learning laboratory” of the course before attempting to use them in the higher-stakes territory of their own organizations.

Helping Others Get Started Teleclass -How to Introduce DG to a Group or Department: Part train-the-trainer course, part mentoring series, this course is for people who are ready to bring DG group decision-making tools to an organization to which they belong.

Mentoring Circles: Intensive coaching and practice – preparation for dynamic self-governance facilitator certification.

School for Leaders: The art of leading the individual, team, and organization. A new mehtod of leadership based on the sociocratic governance model.

A Structural Approach to Conflict Resolution: Governance Alive provides a new approach to conflict resolution by addressing the underlying structural causes of conflict. We combine conventional meetings and group facilitation methods with examination of reporting relationships, domain of responsibility, and employee engagement policies that initiates an organic process of improvement. Contact us for further information about his unique method.