By John Buck, Certified Sociocracy Expert

Thanks for tuning in and being curious about what I ( and we, GovernanceAlive) have been up to. Our most recent exciting news is the developers (IOHK) of one of the top blockchains in the world, Cardano (ADA), has recently engaged us to bring elements of sociocracy and open space technology to its ecosystem. Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, has been a pioneer in many ways. Developing a blockchain governance model that empowers people from the bottom up has been a huge alignment for us. We are excited to get to work.

At the end of 2019, the plan was to launch our training institute division focused on providing local sociocracy certification classes in our Washington, DC area. As we all know, 2020 decided local in-person classes were not going to happen ?.

Like everyone else we had to pivot, it was unexpected, it was challenging, and we persevered by putting our sociocratic principles to work! We used the collective power of many minds and many voices collaboratively to come up with solutions to move our new training courses online.

Our New Training Institute is Online

I’m happy to report our GovernanceAlive Training Institute has been a well-received success! We’ve had students from around the world join us. Self-organizing and facilitation by consent is a global desire.

Then the majority of students who started with our Module 1 class (Effective Meetings & the Art of Sociocracy), joined our Facilitator Certification program! We’re excited because every student exponentially increases the number of humans who get nurtured in the art of consent decision-making. Our world is in desperate need for the culture of consent to spread quickly. Sociocracy establishes a culture of consent, ensuring every voice gets heard and decision-making is effective.

Our Training Institute is now a certifying agency under the International Sociocracy Certification Board (ISCB). We offer:

  1. Sociocracy Facilitator Certification
  2. Sociocracy Consultant Certification
  3. Train the Trainer for “Effective Meetings & the Art of Sociocracy)

If you have enjoyed sociocracy practices and/or want to help the movement for self-governance grow faster, here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Share our free webinar page (and attend yourself – I’m normally there and would love to see you)
  2. Like, share, and comment on our social media posts about our training:
    1. on Facebook
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    3. on Twitter
  3. Keep us in mind when your friends and colleagues are struggling with governance or seeking self-organizing systems. If you think I (we) can help, please have them book a call with me.
  4. If you have any blog, podcast or event connections that would love to have an expert on decentralized governance contribute, please send details to
  5. Send us good vibes and well wishes for reaching people who are seeking new ways to increase inclusion and equivalence.

Grassroots support is what has helped us reach 22 countries. Thanks in advance for your support in helping this movement reach further and faster.

If there is something that is important to you that we can help you with, please get in touch with me.