The Creative Forces of Self-organization (pdf)
by John Buck and Gerard Endenburg

Sociocracy (Dynamic Governance) for Not-For-Profit Organizations, (pdf) a supplement to The Creative Forces of Self-Organization  article, above.

We the People
by John Buck and Sharon Villines
The book explains the concepts behind DG and why it produces such dramatic results. Available on, by clicking on the link above or the picture.

Beyond Democracy
by filmmaker Ted Millich
A documentary on dynamic self-governance featuring John Buck and Gerard Endenburg, the architect of Dynamic Governance.

Sociocracy Newsletter
International newsletter about sociocracy. Published by the Global Sociocratic Center.

The mission of the Center, is to create resources and programs that will increase public awareness, develop the ability of individuals and organizations to apply the principles and methods of sociocratic governance, and contribute to development of society.

Sociocracy Group
on Google Groups
A forum that distributes news, events and updates from the field of dynamic governance [aka. sociocracy], including an international newsletter that connects people around the world with the sociocratic movement.

State of Grace Document
A collaboration process used to establish healthier, more resilient business and personal relationships in a world that changes in increasingly complex ways, making the old ground rules no longer reliable.