Non-profit organizations often avoid the services of professional management consultants because their aims are less likely to be defined in terms of financial profits and they find the values of many businesses to be in conflict with their own. Unlike many management methods developed in a corporate environment, dynamic governance shares the belief that people and their well-being are the basic building blocks at the heart of successful organizations.

Dynamic governance has been adopted by many non-profit organizations because it supports a focus on humanitarian needs in the workplace, in society, and in the goals of the organization. With it’s base in systems thinking, it is also uniquely equipped to address the most urgent need of our world today: sustainability. We can help you:

  • Establish a “power-with” governance structure in line with social change values
  • Maintain autonomy in member organizations while enhancing alignment
  • Maximize both inclusion and efficiency
  • Strengthen financial viability
  • Foster member engagement
  • Reinforce the sense of public mission

Governance Alive has worked with national and international nonprofit organizations and in each case, addressed their unique need to balance financial necessities with responsibility to the public. We accomplish this in a gradual process that allows the organization to continue to provide services, as it develops and improves its functioning.