Sociocracy was developed by Gerard Endenburg in his electrical engineering corporation, Endenburg Electrical Engineering, Inc, in the Netherlands. As an engineer, Endenburg was educated in the physical sciences and found the art of management to be unclear and unproven in its ability to create a harmonious and productive workplace. Using his company as a laboratory and reasoning by analogy, he experimented by applying the principles of cybernetics, the science of communications and control, to the management of his business. In the process, he developed a unique method of organization.

The principles of sociocracy ingeniously create a comprehensive and elegant feedback system that optimize an organization’s ability to respond to internal and external pressures while maintaining security and stability.

Just as all the principles of system dynamics apply to all systems, Sociocracy (Circle Forward) applies to all organizations. It enhances unique missions and goals and provides benefits that are specific to the environment in which it is applied.

Over the last forty years, sociocracy has been implemented in hundreds of businesses and organizations  around the world.

Since the 1980s, John Buck has been working with Gerard Endenburg and his associates to master the principles and techniques to become the first certified sociocracy consultant in North America. In 2006, he formed GovernanceAlive.