Healthy Power

We all influence each other all the time. This influence is a form of power. How we influence each other deeply affects our physical and emotional health. How can we interact using healthy power?

Sociocracy (also known under other names such as Circle Forward) is not just another technique to teach managers to relate to employees better. It also does not require an overhaul of reporting mechanisms. Instead, it rewires the structure of decision-making to make power flow in an organic, healthy way.  It frees the intelligence and creativity that already exists,  fundamentally transforming  an organization without interrupting day-to-day operations.

This unique organizational method:

  • Kindles creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Maximizes effectiveness and reduces tensions around power
  • Decreases the number of meetings and heightens productivity
  • Streamlines decision-making
  • Increases individual engagement,  commitment and empowerment

It uniquely combines  best business practices with the principles of cybernetics and systems thinking to create modern organizations that are more effective and more fun!

Over the last forty years, sociocracy has been implemented in hundreds of  organizations in the Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, the U.S.,  and around the world. It is used in many settings, e.g.:  large agribusiness, private and public schools and universities, cohousing communities, health care, and manufacturing.