About Us

We specialize in helping you govern your organization in ways that lead to great collaboration and engagement of  all stakeholders. We like to work with organizations that are doing well already and want even greater elegance and excellence.

Our services include:

  • Organizational structure consulting
  • Training in decision-making
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation
  • Conflict resolution

GovernanceAlive LLC began as a partnership whose managing partners included John Buck, Mitch Henrion, Glenda Mattinson, and Osa Sister. The partners developed trainings and materials in dynamic self-governance (sociocracy) and delivered consulting services and workshops internationally (both in person and via teleconference). Using the dynamic self-governance philosophy of continual steering and adjustment, they started evolving their structure in the spring of 2007 into differentiated consulting firms: LivingOrganizations, co-lead by Glenda Mattinson and Mitch Henrion, and GovernanceAlive LLC.

GovernanceAlive LLC is now a division of The Sociocracy Consulting Group, an international organization that offers services to help organizations build their capacity to solve problems and think creatively: www.sociocracyconsulting.com

Co-leaders Glenda Mattinson and Mitch Henrion can be reached at: