Commitment to Organizing Healthy & Sustainable Communities & Organizations

Center for Dynamic Community Governance (501c3) has partnered with GovernanceAlive to allow our members to better serve our socially engaged clients and the global community. Through this partnership, we are able to work with nonprofit and social impact organizations to provide our trainings and services for low bono rates.

In 2024, some of GA’s team members will be actively seeking grants and contributions to allow us to more widely offer our transformational trainings and support services.

We also support initiatives that seek to find better ways to govern ourselves. For example, we collaborate with the international initiative to develop Neighborhood Community Networks

Our Founding Partners

John wearing dark green jacket standing outside with bushes in the background. He has gray beard and is smiling.

Founding partner, lead trainer, certified sociocracy expert and source of sociocracy for the English speaking world.  Consulting, training, and facilitation expertise with agile, open space and beyond budgeting. Decades of IT experience. Passionate about children (and adults) embodying and living in a decentralized world.


Founding partner, lead trainer, certified sociocracy expert and self defined chaos bender. Certified mediator and facilitator. Intentional about authentic presence and a better quality of life experience in the workplace. Passionate about building human systems that are more agile, inclusive and resilient — in short, more alive!